Executive Branch

Governor Jim Pillen

Governor Jim Pillen

Governor Jim Pillen was sworn in as Nebraska’s 41st Governor on January 5, 2023.

He enters office with the goal of protecting, training, and keeping our kids in Nebraska, cutting taxes, growing agriculture, and defending our commonsense, conservative values.

Governor Pillen grew up on a farm in Platte County, Nebraska and raised pigs with his father, Dale. He graduated from Lakeview High School.

He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science from UNL, and married Suzanne Shreve. Governor Pillen then earned a doctor of veterinary medicine from Kansas State. In 1983, he returned to Nebraska and opened a small animal practice and swine consulting practice.

Governor Pillen and his father, Dale, partnered together, raising 60 sows and 1,200 market hogs on a dirt lot on their home farm. In 1993, Jim started Pillen Family Farms. In 2003, he added DNA Genetics. In 2010, his two oldest children, Sarah and Brock, joined the business.

Pillen Family Farms and DNA Genetics are now a multigenerational family-run business, composed of over 1,100 team members. The family business operates by some basic core beliefs—do what is right, do the best you can, and treat others the way you want to be treated.

Jim and wife, Suzanne, have four children, Sarah, Brock, Polly and Izic, and seven grandchildren, William, Halle, Eloise, Henry, Harrison, Ava, and Thomas.

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Lieutenant Governor Joe Kelly

Lieutenant Governor Joe Kelly

Coming soon.

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Secretary of State Robert Evnen

Secretary of State Robert Evnen

The Secretary of State has responsibilities over the following areas: elections, business registrations, occupational licensing, state rules and regulations, records management, international relations and youth civics programs. The Secretary of State is the keeper of the Great Seal of the State of Nebraska, and the office is the repository for official state documents. By law, the secretary of state serves on a number of state boards.

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State Treasurer Tom Briese

Treasurer Tom Briese

Tom Briese is a 4th generation Albion-area farmer and serves as the Nebraska State Treasurer. He was appointed by Governor Pillen in September 2023 and took office November 1, 2023. Prior to serving as State Treasurer, he served for 7 years in the Nebraska Legislature, where he most recently chaired the Executive Board, which is the Legislature’s internal governing body. He is a graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the University of Nebraska College of Law. Tom has been married to his wife Joan since 1986.

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Attorney General Mike Hilgers

Attorney General Mike Hilgers

The Attorney General is one of six constitutional officers in Nebraska. The duties and authority of the office are derived from the State Constitution, statutory enactments and common law. The Attorney General is responsible for the representation of the state in all legal matters, both civil and criminal, where the state is named as a party or may have an interest in the outcome of the litigation or dispute.

At any given time, the office has more than 2000 active cases in areas as diverse as prosecution of child abusers and major drug dealers, environmental protection enforcement, tort claims, death penalty appeals, water law, wrongful discharge from employment, eminent domain-gov, state constitutional law, federal constitutional law, consumer protection, professional licensure, and inmate litigation.

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Auditor of Public Accounts Mike Foley

Auditor of Public Accounts Mike Foley

As one of five elected constitutional officers, the State Auditor provides an independent and objective assessment of the State of Nebraska's governmental operations. The Auditor of Public Account's (APA) office is working to help provide efficient, reliable, and responsive government.

The APA regularly reviews government operations to ensure compliance with State and Federal laws. We also assess the adequacy of current controls over billions of dollars of State and Federal spending by State agencies and political subdivisions.

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