Open Data

Abstracters Board of Examiners

Search for licensed Abstracters by last name, city, county, or business name.

Accountability and Disclosure Commission

A weekly export of the campaign filings based upon the paper records filed with the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission.

The campaign filings displayed on this website are based upon the paper records filed with the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission.

Accountancy, Board of Public

The Nebraska Board of Public Accountancy maintains an extensive Disciplinary Database. As a courtesy to the public, the Board has made portions of this database available through this website.

The Nebraska Board of Public Accountancy maintains an extensive active permit holder and licensed CPA Firm database. As a courtesy to the public, the Board has made portions of this database available through this website.

Administrative Services, Dept. of


Find awarded contracts.

The Department of Administrative Services State Budget Division works to provide quality fiscal policy analysis for the Governor and ensure the most effective and efficient use of public resources. The State Budget Division brings you the Nebraska Budget Information Portal to give you an inside look into Nebraska State Government Revenues, Appropriations, and Expenditures.

Agriculture, Dept. of

Locate Farmers' Markets and produce growers in the state. The database includes details such as vendor names, location, contact information, hours of operation and produce options. Consumers can also find vendors who participate in one of NDA’s fresh produce coupon programs for low income individuals.

Appraiser Board, Nebraska Real Property


Attorney General


Search for opinion documents of the Nebraska State Attorney General

Auditor of Public Accounts

Provides actual financial data for fiscal year 2000 through present for all Nebraska political subdivisions required to file an audit or waiver with the department.

Provides a multi-year search of the top 10 most commonly asked about fields on budget forms: Property Tax Request, Outstanding Bonded Indebtedness, Total Disbursements, Total Available Resources, Valuation, and Unused Budget Authority. Also includes links to PDF files of budget forms, if available.


Sort by agency, year, or press releases

Banking and Finance, Dept. of

Correctional Services, Dept. of

Excel Sheet

Court, Nebraska Supreme

Crime Commission, Nebraska (Commission on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice)


Law enforcement agencies report arrest and offense data either in the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) format or the Nebraska Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) format. Offense data are based upon crimes reported or known to law enforcement. In UCR, offense data are collected on eight crimes: Homicide, Rape, Robbery, Assault, Burglary, Larceny, Motor Vehicle Theft, and Arson.


Economic Development, Nebraska Department of (NDED)

Excel Sheet

Data, economic trends, research reports, statistics, profiles and demographics…you can find them all here. Nebraska Department of Economic Development is eager to assist with tools, information and assistance to make your vision a reality.

Education Profile, Nebraska


The download files provide data displayed on the Nebraska Education Profile website, along with some additional files with data that will be added to the Profiles in the future.

Electrical Division, Nebraska

Emergency Management, Nebraska Agency

County office and director/coordinator information

Engineers and Architects, Board of

Environmental Quality, Department of

The following search tool is provided to obtain more current information. The information consists of all petroleum related spills. And also contains information regarding other spills up to Mid 2010.


Facility-related documents have been imaged into the State of Nebraska’s Enterprise Content Management System (ECM) since April 2011. The ECM is the repository of official facility records that are created or received by the agency. Documents that have been scanned into the ECM are available to review from our Public Records Search. To use this option, you will need to know the facility number and program. You can call 402-471-3557 or email to obtain a facility number for a records search. The search will return a maximum of up to 500 of the most recent documents.

Search by County, City, Permitting Program, Facility Name or Facility Address.

Fire Marshal, State


Search for local fire departments, fireworks displays, distributors, operators, retail stands, and jobbers.

Game and Parks Commission


This searchable database contains trophy whitetail, mule deer, pronghorn antelope and elk taken in Nebraska since 1945. You can search the database by species type, weapon used, year and by the hunter's name.

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission is excited to provide this open data platform to citizens and other private or public entities who have an interest in GIS data. There are no restrictions on the use and distribution of data provided here. The datasets are furnished as a public service by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission and is intended to be used for reference only.

Health and Human Services, Department of

Licensure Unit provides Web site access to licensure information for credentialed persons, health care facilities and services and child care programs.

Information Technology Commission, Nebraska


Labor, Department of

Search for registered contractors and subcontractors.

Legislature, Nebraska


Nebraska's official reference manual, with information about the state's government, geography, economy, history and culture.

Library Commission, Nebraska

Includes data about Nebraska libraries, staff and boards.

A collection of Nebraska government publications, including those from the University of Nebraska and the State colleges.


A collection of commercial databases licensed for use by Nebraska residents.

Includes data covering finances, collections, resources, circulation and usage, technology and more.

Liquor Control Commission


Motor Vehicles, Department of

This list contains various yearly statistics and searchable data from the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Postsecondary Education, Coordinating Commission for

The percentage of on-time public high school graduates who continued on to college by the following April, according to enrollment records obtained from the National Student Clearinghouse. This dashboard shows the calculated college-going rates for each of Nebraska's public high schools that awarded regular high school diplomas between 2007-08 and 2013-14.

Real Estate Commission

The "Licensee and Applicant Information Search" is a database of licensees and applicants that can be searched by one or multiple fields.

Revenue, Department of

Excel Sheet

Annual Cigarette Tax Summary, Monthly Cigarette & Tobacco Tax Summary, Stamp Tax Summary, and more.

Secretary of State

When a proposed rule or regulation, from this docket, has completed the entire process it is filed with the Secretary of State, becomes effective five days following receipt, and is incorporated in the Nebraska Administrative Code.

Transportation, Nebraska Department of


Estimates are sorted by Contract Number. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required for viewing your payments on-line in PDF format.


Downloadable Nebraska county maps in Adobe PDF or Microstation with corresponding county numbers as previously found on Nebraska license plates.

Daily Traffic Fatality Toll Comparison, Monthly Traffic Fatality Toll, Traffic Crash Facts Annual Report, Year-End Nebraska Fatality Toll Comparisons, and more.

Mapping of helipads for hospitals in the state of Nebraska

Treasurer's Office, State

The Unclaimed Property Division is a repository for money and other personal assets considered lost or abandoned.

Interactive is a searchable, user-friendly website that discloses in a simple and straightforward manner how the State of Nebraska spends and receives funds.

This web search site allows you to search the decisions and orders of the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Court issued since the middle of 1995. This site is updated nightly as new decisions and orders are issued by the Court.

The Nebraska Workers' Compensation Court's Proof of Coverage Look-Up System can provide insurance coverage information on employers. An employer who has obtained a workers' compensation policy may be identified through this system.

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